Custom Notepads

Gummed Notepads is Pacesetter Media, a small business near Tampa, Florida.

If you need notepads we can help, and you get the personal attention of a small business.

I Walk You Through the Process

If you have print-ready artwork, it can be simple. Call (813)685-9206 or request a quote.

If you need design, we’ll walk you through the decisions, designs, reviews and production.

Notepads…Plus Expertise

We offer more than the printing. We offer twenty years in design and promotions.

Notepads – Like a Set of Floating Business Cards

Notepads are a staple for trade shows and leave behinds. One notepad is a set of floating business cards you leave with your clients.

We offer standard sizes and custom cutting

  • 1-Color Notepads
  • 2-Color Notepads
  • Full-Color Notepads (CMYK)
  • Gummed Notepads
  • Spriral Notepads

Gummed Notepads

Gummed notepads are the most typical give away and the best price in notepads. We offer customized notepad options including:

  • custom top sheet (include a full message or image on the first sheet only)
  • mailable weights and sizes (sized to fit in standard envelopes, weighing less than 2.5 ounces to be mailed at the letter rate)
  • 20-pound or 70-pound paper
  • chipboard or card stock backing
  • printing on the backboard (single color or full color)
  • custom sizes

Spiral Notepads

Spiral NotepadsSpiral pads include a full-color, glossy cover, so you can really show off a design. Options include:

  • custom first sheet  (include a full message or image on the first sheet only)
  • printing on both sides of the front and back covers
  • assortment of paper colors
  • 20-pound or 70-pound paper

Save on High-Volume Notepads

Save on notepads. Call 813-685-9206 or Get a Quote on Notepads.